Just One Noellyn - Give It To Me! - I Was An Noellyn Weakling.


My friends chateau

I know a friend that owns a chateau in France. It's really cool and I've been there a couple of times and stayed there for a couple of days. I can't imagine how cool it would be to own a castle! But he rents it for people wanting to try something different for vacation and it's working out great. He have a lot of visitors all the time which is really great! It's really huge so you can stay as many as you like which is great!

It´s raining

It is raining today and I was hoping for the sun to come back again. It has been four days now without the sun. Two cloudy days and two days with rain. I have been working in our garden, but it is not fun to work in the rain or do you like working in the rain? I dont like it anyway. But I have done a lot indoors  and I have to do those things toó, so maybe it was good för me that the weather changed to rain for a couple of days. Bu I like the sun ...